INTC offers a full range of high-tech services for well construction, including services on a turnkey and daily-rate basis.

Exploration drilling (mobilization of drilling rigs and equipment, construction of drilling platform and utilities, rig installation, drilling and testing of exploratory wells up to 7,000 m).

Production drilling (drilling of vertical, directional, horizontal and multilateral wells, completion and launch of operations at producing wells).

Directional drilling, including drilling with rotary steerable systems.

Service works for cementing of casings and liners.

Sidetracking of previously drilled wells.

  • Well stimulation through re-perforation and acid treatment.
  • Sealing and workover of production casings.
  • Temporary abandonment, reactivation and final abandonment of wells.
  • Supervising.
  • Coordination and administering of contractors operations.
  • Procurement of equipment and materials.
  • Logistics.
  • Design documentation development.
  • Organizing and holding of tenders.
  • Obtaining of design approvals from supervisory and regulatory organizations.
  • Risk control.
  • Reporting.
  • Well completion and testing.
  • Taking core samples in various geological conditions.
  • Preparation and servicing of drilling fluids, including oil-based fluids.
  • Services using coiled tubing units for workovers, bottom-hole zone treatment and other tasks.

The company has its own cement testing laboratory.

The company’s own production laboratory in the city of Novy Urengoy offers the full range of cement testing services.